Grower Pot Ficus Microcarpa 'Ginseng' 4" / 6"

Product Code: Grower Pot Ficus Microcarpa 'Ginseng' 4" / 6"
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4"x 4"x 10" (Length by Width by Height) 1.25 lbs
6"x 6"x 14". 5 lbs.

This Ficus species is popular for beginners of bonsai, not only for its ease of care, but also for its ginseng-like “trunks”, which are really half the roots naturally exposed above ground, offering a head start on a unique root flare. Ficus microcarpa enjoys the same simple care as other ficus species, with the added benefit that it tolerates a little bit of extra underwatering.

In the growing seasons, it is ideal to keep the well-draining soil moderately moist. Bright light is preferred, but it can tolerate indirect light. A humidity tray is especially useful in the dry winter atmosphere, revealing when watering is required as it dries.

Raised and trained by the expert staff at Tropical Expression Inc.

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