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Blue Bell

(Desmodium Unifoliatium)

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General Info

They represent the ability to live in harmony with nature and create a peaceful atmosphere
A small, hardy shrub which grows in savannas and sparse forests near riverbanks
Bluebells are also called ‘fairy flowers.’ According to an old myth fairies used bluebells to lure and trap people passing by in the woods


It requires lots of water to produce its attractive, colorful, bell-like flowers
When watering, ensure you are allowing the soil to be thoroughly soaked in order to let all roots be saturated
They are highly susceptible to root rot, so planting in a high draining soil is essential

Light Requirements

Keeping a high light level is crucial to the health of the tree, supplementing with a grow light can be necessary during the winter season

They do not require direct sun, but will thrive in a bright spot with tons of sun

Make sure to avoid exposed to direct afternoon sun, as it can easily burn the foliage

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Cacti & Succulent

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