Bonsai Fukien Tea 6" Exotic

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* Please note: This product may not appear exactly as shown, due to variability in shape and color of pot”.

This bonsai is native to China and has small white flowers that spontaneously bloom. The foliage is dark green and small in size, which beautifully contrasts with the flowers. The flowers turn into red berries that turn darker with age. These bonsais have beautiful curved trunk styles which have been trained over many years.

6"x 4.5"x 9" (Length by Width by Height) 3 lbs
Fukien Tea (Ehretia Microphylla) 4 years old
Raised and trained by the expert staff at Tropical Expressions Inc.
Tips: Keep soil evenly moist. Water it by submerging. Provide it with moderate to high light. Fertilize it monthly with general fertilizer. Recommended temperature is 65 degrees F and up.

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