Bonsai Parrot’s Beak 7"

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*Please note: This product may not appear exactly as shown, due to variability in shape and color of pot.

7" x 5.5"x 11" (Length by Width by Height) 5.5 lbs. Approximate Age: 5 Years Old.

Parrot’s Beak (Gmelina philippensis) is a spiny, tropical tree. Leaves can vary in shape. This tree blooms with exotic, yellow flowers at the end of a tube that are said to resemble a parrot’s beak. The flower can become a small, yellow fruit ~2cm in size that has one seed.

Tips: Keep in brightly lit area. Keep soil evenly moist. To check moisture, feel if the top of the soil is dry to the touch. If so, it is time to water. Water gently and thoroughly from above, allowing the pot to drain over a sink or tray. Fertilize monthly between May - Nov with general fertilizer. Recommended temperature is 65 degrees F and up.

Raised and trained by the expert staff at Tropical Expressions Inc.
This tree can be purchased without the Bonsai pot, see below.

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