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Ginseng Ficus

(Ficus microcarpa)
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General Info

The Ginseng Ficus grows throughout the tropical parts of the world and is native to Southeast Asia

They have narrow elevated roots with a trunk that often resembles legs

They have a white milky sap and they can be poisonous to cats or dogs who like to graze


This variety should be allowed to dry between waterings

Ensure when you water that the roots and soil have been thoroughly moistened by allowing water to drain through the bottom

They are highly susceptible to root rot, so planting in a high draining soil is essential

Light Requirements

Your Ginseng Ficus will appreciate a very bright spot with a moderate amount of direct sunlight

Morning sun is ideal for this variety, as it allows the bright full sun without the risk of sunburn on the foliage

If putting this tree outside during the summer, make sure to give it a spot where it will be protected for the hottest sun

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