Air Plant Butzii

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Air plants, otherwise known as epiphytic plants, are among the most ancient and fascinating of all plants. Billions of years ago, when plants made the switch from water to land, these epiphytic plants were one of the first to do so. They do not require soil to grow and receive most of their nutrients through the humidity in the air. Essentially, these plants are able to take care of themselves. Keep these plants in indirect light and simply mist them weekly. If they are in a high humidity environment, misting is unnecessary. All air plants bloom at a certain stage of their growth, and their bloom duration depends on the species. After blooming, you will see new baby air plants called "pups" sprouting from the base of its mother plant. 

Single Small Size
Weighs around 0.25 pounds
3” to 4” Width 5” to 7” high

Single Large Size
Weighs around 0.25 pounds
4” to 6” Width 8” to 12” high

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