Bonsai Ginseng Ficus 5"

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*Please note: This product may not appear exactly as shown, due to variability in shape and color of pot.

5"x 4" x 8" (Length by Width by Height) 2 lbs

This Ficus species is popular for beginners of bonsai, not only for its ease of care, but also for its ginseng-like “trunks”, which are really half the roots naturally exposed above ground, offering a head start on a unique root flare. Ficus retusa enjoys the same simple care as other ficus species, with the added benefit that it tolerates a little bit of extra underwatering.

In the growing seasons, it is ideal to keep the well-draining soil moderately moist. Bright light is preferred, but it can tolerate indirect light. A humidity tray is especially useful in the dry winter atmosphere, revealing when watering is required as it dries.

Raised and trained by the expert staff at Tropical Expression Inc.
This tree can be purchased without the Bonsai pot, see below.

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