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Powder Puff

(calandria tweedie)

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General Info

The powder puff plant are native to Southern America and some varieties can be used as a houseplant

Its name Powder puff plantarises from the circular appearance of long stamens that make it appear puffy

It belongs to the Fabaceae family, which people typically call the pea or bean family


Occasional over or under watering will be tolerated but having a regular schedule will be beneficial for the overall growth of the tree

When watering, ensure you are allowing the soil to be thoroughly soaked in order to let all roots be saturated

Light Requirements

The Powder puff will appreciate a very bright spot with a moderate amount of direct sunlight

Make sure to avoid exposed to direct afternoon sun, as it can easily burn the foliage

They are tolerant to less direct sun, but will thrive in a sunny spot

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Cacti & Succulent

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