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(microphylla, serratifoli)

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General Info

Some grow along the coast and some in mountainous areas.

The coastal species (Premna obtusifolia) is most often used for Bonsai due to the unique texture of the trunk. It is especially prized for the natural jin and shari it often possesses as a result of natural forces.

The bright and shiny green of the leaves and the dancing, twisted trunk offer a dynamic and elegant contrast. 


Premna's grow very strongly and produce a lot of roots

Due to the root system you will need very regular watering, never allowing it to dry out

High humidity is essential to maintaining your tree, a humidity tray is the best way to do this

Light Requirements

They will enjoy a spot with full sun, but ensure they are not exposed to direct afternoon light as the foliage will burn very easily

Providing your tree with a spot where it is exposed to some direct light will be the best

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Cacti & Succulent

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