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Sea- Hibiscus

(Hibiscus tiliaceus)
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General Info

Hibiscus tiliaceus can be found at elevations from sea level to 800 m (2,600 ft) in areas that receive 900–2,500 mm (35–98 in) of annual rainfall

Sea Hibiscus is well adapted to grow in coastal environment in that it tolerates salt and water logging and can grow in quartz-sand, coral sand, and limestone

The finest specimens are taken from Kenting National Park


This variety should be allowed to dry out between waterings, but never left dry for too long

When watering, ensure you are allowing the soil to be thoroughly soaked in order to let all roots be saturated

They are highly susceptible to root rot, so planting in a high draining soil is essential

Light Requirements

Keeping a high light level is crucial to the health of the tree, supplementing with a grow light can be necessary during the winter season

The Sea Hibiscus will thrive in a spot will all day full sun

A south-facing window is said to be an ideal position for this variety

They will tolerate partial shade; however, growth rate will be much slower and the leaves will be larger

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Cacti & Succulent

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