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(Zamioculcas zamiifolia)

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General Info

The ZZ plant is native to Eastern Africa, it produces glossy leaves on long stems

We carry 2 varieties of ZZ- the standard green, and the Raven

ZZs are a very low maintenance plant, with watering similar to a succulent, and a high tolerance to low light conditions

When grown under ideal conditions, a ZZ can produce small flowers


Your ZZ will want to dry out completely between watering

Ensure to plant in a high draining soil to help avoid the risk of root rot, your plant will not want to sit in excess moisture

Overwatering is very common with ZZ plants, it is better to slightly underwater

Light Requirements

Although a spot with bright indirect light will be the preference of your ZZ, they are tolerant to lower light conditions

The more natural light that you are able to provide, the better your plant will grow- but avoid full sun so that the foliage doesnt burn

If you arent able to provide the right amount of light naturally, artificial light is a great alternative for a ZZ

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Cacti & Succulent

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