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I am the Plant Care Chat Bot at Tropical Expressions, powered by AI technology, providing you with expert advice on caring for tropical plants and bonsai. My advanced capabilities allow me to offer tailored solutions that go beyond generic Google searches. While I strive for accuracy, please keep in mind that I'm not perfect. Let's work together to keep your plants healthy and thriving!

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"Bonsai heaven! Everything you need in one stop. Absolutely stunning greenhouse. Heather was extremely helpful, and exceptionally well educated on everything in the store, especially bonsai trees! 100% recommend."

-Kay M

"Ordered a serissa online and picked up a small juniper while we were there. An amazing selection of plants, pots and accessories. The serissa is my new favourite tree and both are great additions to my collection. The staff were friendly and helpful, the staff member that cashed me out even helped me carry my trees and pots to the car in several cms of snow! I will definitely visit again despite it taking me an hour to drive here"

Heather K

"Purchased 8 bonsai’s from Tropical Expressions. All are A+ quality & they spare no expense and detail when they ship them to me. In fact, one bonsai was delivered to me sideways, but when I opened the box nothing was damaged because Tropex packaged it properly. Thank you Tropical Expressions for valuing my hard earned money."

Joel M

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