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Alocasias have become popular thanks to the diversity of colours and patterns that can appear on their foliage

We most often carry the Alocasia Polly, commonly called the African Mask Plant


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Bromeliads a diverse genus, which grow colourful bracts often mistaken as flowers

These low maintenance plants are sure to give any room some colour- their low maintenance makes them perfect for anyone


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Clusias, also known as Autograph Trees, have leaves that can withstand all sorts of "graffiti" – the thick, rubbery leaves are often etched with initials and messages, creating a natural, living guestbook


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Calatheas are the drama queens of the plant world—they engage in a nightly ritual called "praying," where their leaves fold upward as if in prayer. Come morning, they unfurl, ready to steal the spotlight again in their vibrant, patterned glory

Ficus Lyrata

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Sure to be a statement piece in any plant collection, the Fiddle Leaf Fig grows large glossy leaves which are guaranteed to impress

With their relatively simple care, these are an impressive plant anyone can enjoy


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Often called a wax plant due to its thick glossy leaves, Hoya are an excellent addition to any plant collect

Care is very similar to a succulent, but these vining plants will impress with their unique shapes and colours

Madagascar Palm

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A thorny succulent-like tree which mostly grows its foliage from the top, the Madagascar Palm is very unique

Photosynthesizing from the trunk, these are a very unique plant



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A Money Tree can grow to be a large statement piece or the perfect addition to your desk

These are perfect for those looking for a low maintenance plant to have at the office


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Pothos are low-maintenance, thriving in various light conditions and forgiving if you forget to water them. They are versatile in terms of decor, adding a touch of greenery to homes, offices, or even low-light spaces


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Orchid’s unique and exotic appearance symbolizes love, beauty, and luxury. They have a reputation for being resilient and long-lasting, adding to their appeal as ornamental plants


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Bringing the beauty of nature into any space. Their unique charm and

resilience make them a delightful addition to botanical collections,

showcasing enduring symbols of natural elegance


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Nature's tropical marvels, with spiky crowns and succulent fruit borne

from their distinctive top growth. These unique trees effortlessly

infuse spaces with a touch of the exotic

Sago Palm

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These slow growing plants are definitely worth the wait

They can grow to be over 10 feet tall, and live over 100 years

Although not a true palm, they are one of the oldest known plants


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A great choice for those with low light, a ZZ will tolerate a wide range of light conditions

If you're looking to broaden your collection consider a ZZ Raven with their beautiful dark foliage