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Staghorn Fern

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General Info

The plant's common name is derived from the shape of its fertile fronds, which resemble antlers

Staghorn ferns are epiphytes, which means they grow on the branches of other plants

They are not parasitic; instead, they obtain their nutrients from the air and rain, rather than from their host plant


Submerge your staghorn fern in a sink or basin of water with the fronds facing downward for approximately 5 minutes, ensuring the roots are completely saturated

Place the plaque in a sink or shower and let room-temperature water flow over the root ball until it is thoroughly saturated

Make sure to allow your plant to drip dry before re-hanging it

Light Requirements

Staghorn ferns thrive best in bright, indirect or diffused light.

Make sure to avoid exposed to direct afternoon sun, as it can easily burn the foliage

Keeping a high light level is crucial to the health of the tree, supplementing with a grow light can be necessary during the winter season

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