Air Plants

(Tillandsia spp)
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General Info

Tillandsia are epiphytes, which means they grow attached to another plant- usually the trunks of trees- this means they do not need soil

This plant will produce a stem, from which it will grow multiple blooms which are most often a dark purple

After the blooming process, your air plant will have the potential to grow pups- where a new baby plant begins to grow off the mature plant from the base


Your air plant will need very humid conditions to grow, as it doesn't have roots and instead absorbs moisture through the foliage
Traditional watering will not be necessary, instead its best to give your air plant a thorough mist several times a week

Make sure that when you mist that your plant isn't left in direct sun, this can cause the foliage to burn

After watering it is best to leave your air plant sitting upside down for up to 30 minutes to allow any access water to drain out

Light Requirements

Your Tillandisa will appreciate a very bright spot while avoiding placing it in direct sunlight
Keeping a high light level is crucial to the health of the tree, supplementing with a grow light can be necessary during the winter season
Be aware that the prime location you selected may not be work for the whole year

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Cacti & Succulent

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