Cactus & Succulent Care


Aloe are well known for their medicinal benefits, and have very simple care!

Lots of direct sun, an East facing window is great

Water when the soil dries out, then

water thoroughly. High draining soil will help keep you aloe happy


The perfect plant for those looking for low maintenance!

Provide your cactus with lots of direct sun, 4-6 hours a day is ideal

Make sure the soil is completely dry before you water, give a thorough water without over saturating the soil


This tall growing succulent bears resemblance to a cactus, growing thorns from its sides

A Euphorbia will appreciate as much light as you can provide

Watering should be done once the soil completely dries, generally not more than once a week


Haworthia most often have striking green foliage, contrasted by white details

Providing high light conditions will promote the best growth, without need for full sun

Water when the soil has almost dried, it is important to keep them well watered


Snake plants are perfect for those wanting simple care, with beautiful foliage

Although best suited in a bright spot, snake plants will tolerate lower light conditions

Allow soil to dry out completely, and water thoroughly when dried


Known for being one of the best beginner plants, succulents can still be sensitive!

Provide lots of light, direct sun is ideal, to see even and consistent growth

Ensure soil is completely dry between watering, allow foliage to slightly wrinkle to indicate its time for a drink