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Aloe Vera

(Aloe barbadensis miller)
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General Info

More than 500 species of aloe exist, although not all are cultivated for garden or home cultivation
The latex within the aloe leaf possesses laxative properties, excessive doses can be toxic
The skin-soothing attributes of aloe vera gel stem from compounds that promote the growth of new skin cells and connective tissues


Aloe plants thrive when watered consistently, ensuring the soil dries out entirely between waterings
It's essential to maintain a balance, as prolonged dryness can cause the leaves to shrivel and pucker slightly
If the soil remains dry for extended periods, the plant may experience stress, resulting in yellowing and eventual death of the leaves

Light Requirements

Aloe Vera plants require bright, natural light to thrive, aim for up to six hours of full sun

Direct exposure to sunlight can lead to the scorching of its delicate skin

Conversely, insufficient light can result in leggy growth and weaken the leaves, causing them to crease

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