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Snake Plant

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General Info

Originating from Africa, the snake plant flourishes in arid environments. Its natural resilience allows it to endure extended periods without water and thrive with minimal care
The leaf patterns vary depending on variety, but often have green bands that vary in depth of colour
This plant is very forgiving and perfect for beginners, but they are beloved by experienced plant parents


Snake plants are low-maintenance when it comes to watering. Simply water them whenever the soil has dried out completely.
Avoid letting the plant sit in water, as this can lead to root rot.
During the winter months, reduce watering even further, as snake plants require very little water during this time

Light Requirements

For optimal growth, position your snake plant in a bright location with indirect sunlight
While it can tolerate low-light conditions, placing it in a dark corner may result in a loss of the attractive variegation
Avoid direct sunlight, as this can cause damage to the foliage. Choose a spot where it can receive filtered light for 6-8 hours a day

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