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Desert Gems

(Pithecellobium Tortum)
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General Info

Despite being artificially colored, these cacti remain natural plants and grow in the same manner as any other plant
They remain relatively petite and complement mixed dish gardens beautifully or serve as standalone features, adding a burst of color to indoor spaces
The slow-growing Desert Gems cacti feature relatively soft spines, making them notably less prickly compared to other types of cacti


Ensure the soil is entirely dry before watering your Coral Gem Cactus
When watering, provide a thorough amount without saturating the soil excessively
This practice helps maintain optimal soil moisture levels, promoting healthy growth without risking over-watering related issues

Light Requirements

For optimal growth, provide your Desert Gem Cactus with ample direct sunlight.
Placing it near an East-facing window ensures it receives the right amount of sun exposure.
Cacti particularly thrive in the sun, so this arrangement provides ideal conditions for your cacti sharing the same space

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Cacti & Succulent

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