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General Info

Alocasia are mostly Native to Southeast Asia, where they grow on the forest floor in sub tropical areas

The genus contains 79 plants, most of which can be house plants

Popularity of keeping Alocasia comes from the wide range of colours and patterns that their leaves can have

We most often carry the Alocasia Polly, commonly called the African Mask Plant


Alocasia are very susceptible to over watering and should be allowed to mostly dry out between waterings - planting in a Peat Moss based soil is good for them

Roughly once a week is how often you should water, while misting regularly in between

Keeping the soil moist without allowing it to be fully saturated will help to keep your plant happy

Light Requirements

Your Alocasia will want to be placed in a spot with mainly indirect light

As they grow on the forest floor they prefer bright indirect light, tolerating minimal direct sun

Providing too much direct sun will allow for the foliage to become damaged and burnt

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Cacti & Succulent

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