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General Info

Philodendrons are among the most common and easy-to-grow houseplants
With the ideal environment, they can live for several decades, and if you have a vining type, they can get over 100 feet
Philodendron are sometime grown because they can neutralise some poisons commonly found indoors, most notably formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and benzene


Your Philodendren will need very regular watering, never being allowed to dry out
When watering, ensure you are allowing the soil to be thoroughly soaked in order to let all roots be saturated
It doesn't matter which season it is, this plant loves to be in moist soil most of the time

Light Requirements

They will enjoy a spot with full sun, but ensure they are not exposed to direct afternoon light as the foliage will burn very easily
Keeping a high light level is crucial to the health of the plant, supplementing with a grow light can be necessary during the winter season
Providing your plant with a spot where it is exposed to some direct light will be the best

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Cacti & Succulent

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