Money Tree

(Pachira aquatica)

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General Info

The Money Tree is native to South and Central America, there it naturally grows in swamps

Money Trees are said to bring luck and prosperity, which is why they are often braided- to help hold in the good luck

They are easy to care for, and fast growing- with their large leaves they can make a great addition to any space


Your Money Tree will want to be watered consistently, but allowed to dry out slightly in between

Planting in high draining soil will be important due to the frequency of watering

Allow the tree to almost dry out, and then water thoroughly

The more light you provide, the more frequently you will need to water

Light Requirements

Money Trees enjoy a mix of direct and indirect sunlight

Providing placement in a spot where it will be getting bright indirect light can be ideal

Money Trees can be a great option as a desk plant since they are tolerant of the fluorescent lights

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Cacti & Succulent

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