Sago Palm

(Cycas revoluta)

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General Info

Sago Palms are native to Southern Japan, and are used for both the production of sago as well for ornamental plants

They are not a true palm, but rather a cycad which is a group of ancient tropicals which are usually grown from a trunk

Sago Palms can grow to be over 10 feet tall and wide, and can live over 100 years


Your Sago Palm will like to be planted in sandy high draining soil, to help keep it moist

When it starts to dry it is time to water thoroughly- the high draining soil will help to prevent over watering

High humidity is extremely beneficial, misting your Sago Palm regularly will help with consistent growth

Light Requirements

Providing a spot with bright indirect light will be the best for your Sago Palm

Too much direct sun, especially in the afternoon can cause burning and wilting of the foliage

When placing your plant outside during the summer ensure it is protected from any harsh element

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Cacti & Succulent

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