Fiddle Leaf Fig

(Ficus Lyrata)

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General Info

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is native to Africa, where it can grow to between 60'-100' tall- as a house plant it grows to between 2'-10'

This Ficus makes an excellent statement piece in any plant collection thanks to its size

Although Ficus are usually a hardy tree, the Fiddle Leaf is a more tricky variety that can be very particular about its care


Your Ficus Lyrata will need to be watered frequently, but will not want to sit with wet soil

When the top couple of inches of soil dries out it will be time to water thoroughly

Under watering will cause loss of colour in the leaves and for them to droop, while over watering is characterized by leaf loss

Light Requirements

Ideal placement for a Lyrata is somewhere with very high mainly indirect light

A South or East facing window with a sheer curtain is ideal for a Fiddle Leaf Fig to help lower the chances of burning from hot afternoon sun, while providing an adequate amount of light

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