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General Info

Most varieties of Hoya are native to Asia such as Philippines, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Polynesia, New Guinea, and a variety of species can be found in Australia

Hoyas are a vining plant which are commonly known as a wax plant due to their thick foliage

Under the right conditions they can produce clusters of star shaped flowers


Although Hoyas are not a type of succulent their watering needs are very similar due to their foliage

It is best to water when your Hoya when it has just dried out, not allowing it to stay dried out for too long- water thoroughly

Plant in a high draining soil, with a bark as the base to allow for moisture retention

Light Requirements

Hoya will appreciate a spot with high natural light, a few hours of direct sun per day can be beneficial

Many of varieties of Hoya produce their nicest colours due to sun stress- providing higher amounts of direct sun for these varieties will allow you to enjoy their true colour

Avoid direct afternoon sun as this can be damaging to the foliage

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Cacti & Succulent

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