Tillandsia Xerographica


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The beauty of all tillandsias which, is known as the King of air plants, is the Tillandsia xerographica; some with their tight rosette and leaves ending in beautiful curls. This plant is an epiphyte that originates from the semi-deserts of Guatemala.

Air plants otherwise known as epiphytic plants are among the most ancient and fascinating of all plants. Billions of years ago, when plants made the switch from water to land, these epiphytic plants were one of the first to do so. They do not require soil to grow and receive most of their nutrients through the humidity in the air. Essentially, these plants are able to take care of themselves. During blooming season, most species also produce a beautiful flower ranging anywhere from a purple to yellow color. Keep these plants in indirect light and simply mist them weekly. If they are in a high humid environment, misting is unnecessary.

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