Chinese Privet

(Ligustrum sinensis)

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General Info

Privets are native to Japan, China, and Korea; they can be evergreen or deciduous

The Ligustrum genus belongs to the olive family

This tree can produce small fragrant white flowers, which are followed by small black fruit which is mildly poisonous

The Chinese Privet is considered to be beginner friendly due to its hardiness, but it will thrive with lots of attention better geared towards those with some experience


A Chinese Privet should never be left to dry out completely, they appreciate always staying slightly damp

Ensure you water your privet thoroughly, water should be allowed to drain through the bottom of pot to show the roots have been saturated

Having a high draining soil is very important, as Privets have very fast growing and dense root systems

Light Requirements

Having a spot with full sun will ensure the best growth, but avoid exposure to the hot afternoon sun

Finding a spot which provides high light levels, with at least partial shade during the afternoon will keep your tree happy without risk of the foliage burning

An East facing window is ideal for a Privet

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Cacti & Succulent

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