(Myrtifolia //Syzygium)

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General Info

The Eugenia is native to Australia and New Zealand

This tree is often used for topiaries in warmer climates, which is thanks to its tolerance to styling

When repotting this variety take caution with the roots. They are very delicate, and being too rough or removing to much can damage the tree


Make sure to let your Eugenia dry out completely between watering's

When watering make sure to water sufficiently to let the soil and roots become fully saturated

Potting into a high draining soil is crucial with Eugenia, as their roots are very sensitive and can be susceptible to root rot

Providing a humidity tray for this variety can be very beneficial

Light Requirements

Eugenia will enjoying being in a warm, sunny location

They can tolerate full sun, but will appreciate a spot with partial shade

Providing a spot where the tree will be protected from intense afternoon heat is ideal

If placing your tree outside, make sure to keep it protected from harsh elements

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Cacti & Succulent

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