Fukien Tea

(Carmona Retusa)

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General Info

The Fukien Tea is native to parts of Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Australia, but the name is derived from its place of origin in Fujian, China

This variety is able to produce small white flowers, which are often followed by tiny berries

This tree is not one recommended for beginners, the Fukien Tea can require quite delicate care, and is best suited for those with prior bonsai experience


The Fukien Tea will not want to completely dry out between watering's, but the surface should begin to dry

Due to the frequent watering schedule, planting in a high draining soil is crucial to help avoid root rot

Providing your tree with supplemental humidity, such as a humidity tray will be beneficial to having consistent growth

Light Requirements

A Fukien Tea will want a spot with high light levels, without too much direct light

Providing around 4 hours of direct sun a day is ideal for the best growth results

Avoid placing your Fukien Tea in a spot where it will be exposed to the full afternoon sun- this can cause the foliage to burn

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Cacti & Succulent

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