(Plinia Cauliflora)

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General Info

The Jaboticaba is native to Southeastern Brazil, where they grow up to 20-30 feet tall

Their foliage begins with a reddish hue, and matures into a deep green, they can produce small white flowers directly on the trunk which turn into small edible berries

This variety can be good for beginners, as it is not a difficult tree to care for


During the summer it is important to water regularly, not letting the root ball dry out, watering can be slightly decreased during the winter

Due to the high water consumption, it is important to plant into high draining soil to help prevent root rot

High humidity will greatly help the growth, using a humidity tray will be the most beneficial

Light Requirements

Jaboticaba will appreciate being placed somewhere that is exposed to very high light levels

It is ideal to provide a minimum of a couple hours of direct sun per day, morning light is ideal

Warmth and sun are the key components to encouraging your tree to bear flowers and fruit

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Cacti & Succulent

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