(Juniperus Pro Nana)
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General Info

Junipers are among the most common and popular variety of tree to use for bonsai

The Procumbens Nana variety of Juniper is often referred to as the "Japanese Garden Juniper"

This variety of Juniper as needle-like foliage, and is can have a blueish-green hue to the foliage

Although a very popular tree for bonsai, Junipers can be difficult to care for and would be recommended for those more experienced with caring for bonsai


Your juniper will need very regular watering, never being allowed to dry out

High humidity is essential to maintaining your tree, supplemental humidity will almost always be required- a humidity tray is the best way to do this

When watering, ensure you are allowing the soil to be thoroughly soaked in order to let all roots be saturated

Light Requirements

Providing your tree with a spot where it is exposed to some direct light will be the best

Morning light is ideal to avoid burning the foliage, but to still provide prolonged direct sun

Junipers will tolerate being in bright indirect light, as they are naturally a low growing shrub which is sheltered by other taller trees

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