Mediterranean Olive

(Olea Europaea)

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General Info

This variety of Olive is native to the Mediterranean, where they are grown and cultivated for their olives and olive oil

The foliage is narrow, with a deep silvery-grey colour

Their flowers are a yellowish white, which are followed by the fruit which begins green and turns black when ripe

Their small foliage, and the development of rough bark as they mature give them excellent features for bonsai


Your Olive will want to be watered before fully drying out, but avoid too much water sitting in the soil

The best way to do so is planting in a high draining soil, which will retain moisture without leaving excess water

Providing supplementary humidity, especially during the winter, will be beneficial - a humidity tray is a great option

Light Requirements

Olive trees will want to be placed somewhere that they can be exposed to full sun

A South or East facing window is the best option, as you will have the lowest risk of exposure to intense afternoon light

The ideal range of sun you want to expose your Olive to is 4 - 6 hours daily. Supplementary lighting can be beneficial

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Cacti & Succulent

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