Parrots Beak

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General Info

Parrots Beak is native to Central to Eastern Thailand, Southern Vietnam, and the Philippines

They can grow to be 10 - 26 feet tall in nature

When grown in their ideal conditions, they can produce bright yellow flowers , which grow in hanging cones

Their fast growing nature and flexible branches make for easil styling of your bonsai


Your Parrots Beak will never want to be left to dry, ensure watering is thorough and frequent

For a tree that likes to be frequently watered it is important to plant in high draining soil to prevent root rot

A humidity tray will be beneficial, in order to see the best and most consistent growth of your tree

Light Requirements

Parrots Beak enjoy a lot of light, finding a spot where it will be exposed to a minimum of 4-6 hours of direct sun per day will be ideal - but the more the better

A South facing window is ideal, but East will be second best

If you are not able to provide a spot with sufficient direct sun, supplementing with a grow light will be helpful for your Parrots Beak

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