Dwarf Pomegranate

(Punica Granatum 'Nana')

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General Info

The Pomegranate is originally native to Armenia, Iran, and Northern India; but has become widespread across Asia and the Meditereanean

They have narrow bright green leaves, and grow trumpet shaped red flowers that turn into large red fruit

The cultivar "Nana" is well suited for bonsai thanks to its characteristic smaller foliage and delicate branches


A Pomegranate should never be allowed to dry out completely

Ensure you are watering your pomegranate thoroughly at the first signs of drying out

Keep the soil moist without being saturated, and plant into high draining soil to help prevent over watering or root rot

Light Requirements

Your Pomegranate will want a warm and sunny spot to live in

It is important to avoid exposing a Pomegranate to harsh afternoon sun, as it can damage the foliage

Full sun is ideal for your Pomegranate, placing it in a South or East facing window will provide a great amount of sun

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Cacti & Succulent

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