(Schefflera Arboricola)

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General Info

The Schefflera, often called a Dwarf Umbrella Tree, is native to Taiwan, China, and Australia, where it can grow to be 30 feet tall

They produce compact foliage, grown in leaflets arranged radially which sit at the end of long petioles

Schefflera are one of the varieties with simpler care, making them suitable for bonsai beginners


A Schefflera will not want to be left to dry out between waterings, once the surface of the soil begins to dry it is time to give a thorough water

Due to wanting to be kept damp it is important to plant into high draining soil to prevent root rot

Providing supplementary humidity will benefit the tree, using a humidity tray is a great option

Light Requirements

Schefflera can tolerate both lower indirect light conditions, as well as brighter light

When provided high light conditions, a schefflera will be able to continue producing small leaves

Schefflera make excellent indoor bonsai as they are tolerant to the light conditions available in most homes

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Cacti & Succulent

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