Snow Rose

(Serissa Foetida)

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General Info

Commonly called the Snowrose, this variety is native to sub tropical woodlands and wet meadows of China, Japan and India

Earning the nickname "Tree of a Thousand Stars" from its small white flowers, the canopy can bloom 2 -3 times a year

Very sensitive to environment change, the Serissa is best suited for those with bonsai experience


Your Serissa should never be left to dry out, keeping the soil consistently moist

Planting in high draining soil is essential to prevent root rot and overwatering

High humidity will be essential, using a humidity tray is ideal

If your Serissa should drop its leaves due to environment changes it is important to keep your care consistent to aid in its recovery

Light Requirements

Providing a spot with high light will be very important for your Serissa

Full sun is ideal placement, a South window is ideal to protect the tree from harsh afternoon light

A change of light conditions can be enough to cause leaf loss as a stress response, when you find a spot where your tree is happy try to maintain the location

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