Brazilian Rain Tree

(Pithecellobium Tortum)
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General Info

Native to Brazil's Rainforests, this hardwood tree has compound leaves with bright green leaflets

This variety is very sensitive to light conditions, and the leaflets will fold up when it is dark

Under ideal conditions it will grow fragrant puffy white flowers

The Brazilian Rainforest tree has delicate yet abstract branch structure


This variety should be allowed to slightly dry between waterings, but never left to dry out

High humidity is essential for this tree, as it is accustomed to the conditions of the rainforest

Ensure when you water that the roots and soil have been thoroughly moistened by allowing water to drain through the bottom

Light Requirements

Although it is accustomed to full sun in its natural habit, providing conditions with partial shade will be beneficial

Morning sun is ideal for this variety, as it allows the bright full sun without the risk of sunburn on the foliage

If putting this tree outside during the summer, make sure to give it a spot where it will be protected for the hottest sun

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