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  • Haworthia most often have striking green foliage, contrasted by white details
  • Providing high light conditions will promote the best growth, without need for full sun
  • Water when the soil has almost dried, it is important to keep them well watered


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* Please note: This product may not appear exactly as shown, due to variability in shape and color of the pot *

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3" Cooperi, 3" Fasciata, 3" Glabrata, 3" Miami, 3" Tessellata, 3" Zebra, 4" Jade Star, 4" Limifolia, 2" Mini Set of 5, 3" Set of 2, 2" Mini, 4" Miami, 2.5" Miami, 2.5", 2.5" Set of 4, 2.5" Cooperi