Sweet Plum

(Sageretia Theezans)

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General Info

The Sweet Plum is native to the Southern regions of China, it can grow 7-10 feet tall

It can produce yellowish white flowers, which turn to small bleu fruit

The foliage is small, oval, and bright green; it can be very susceptible to fungus caused by excess moisture on the leaves


Having a consistent watering schedule will be crucial for your Sweet Plum

This variety is sensitive to underwatering, the foliage and branches can die very easily from lack of water

When the soil begins to dry it is important to water thoroughly, while ensuring to not leave excess moisture sitting in the soil

Planting in high draining soil will help regulate the watering schedule

Light Requirements

A semi shaded spot will provide ideal light for your Sweet Plum

When kept indoors, a south facing window will be ideal; an East facing window is second best

A spot with full morning sun is best, while providing shade during the afternoon to avoid the harsh sun and not burn the delicate foliage

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