Black Olive

(Bucida spinosa)

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General Info

The Black Olive is native to the Florida Keys, and will produce small seed pods rather than true olives

Its branches can have an abstract growth pattern, and are adorned with small thorns

Its shiny, narrow leaves can grow up to 6cm in length

These trees can pose some challenges, and would be recommended for an intermediate to advanced bonsai artist


A Black Olive should not be allowed to dry out, a lack of water will cause it to shed its leaves

A humidity tray can be beneficial for this variety

Fertilizing should be given on a bi-weekly basis during the growing season

Light Requirements

Having a spot with high light conditions is essential to keeping your Black Olive happy

Full sun is best, an East facing window with morning sun offers the safest conditions since you wont risk burning the foliage

Less direct light will be tolerated during the winter, but high light conditions will keep your tree in the best condition

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Cacti & Succulent

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